detail surveyors canberra
detail surveys canberra
We deliver accurate and reliable detail surveys & plans in a wide variety of formats. We work with a number of architects and engineers who benefit from our flexibility and willingness to prepare plans to their standards and specifications.       

All our detail surveys are carried out with highly qualified personnel using the latest reflectorless instruments, GPS and engineering software. All supplied plans are professionally drafted and can be provided in latest version CAD drawings, 12D, PDF and hardcopy. 


Services for Architects, Engineers and Developers include:   


  • Engineering Detail Surveys for Roads, Structures, Infrastructure Projects, Development Sites, etc.   
  • Residential Detail Surveys for Development Approvals (DA)
  • External/Internal Floor and Elevation Plans
  • Commercial
  • Rural and Broadacre (incl. Aerial Photogrammetry)
  • Work-as-Executed (WAE)



Detail Surveys - Canberra